John has the ability to think of the best solutions for the task at hand. He is quick to respond and available for any questions after the visit.

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Mr Licht took the time to listen and really hear all the details of my situation. He then stated it back to me to make sure he understood. He offered a few different options and we discussed the merits of each. I would not hesitate to work with him again, and I have already recommended him to a few business and personal acquaintances. I highly recommend Mr John Licht.

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John Licht


Unfortunately in some circumstances a trip to court may be necessary but generally this is not so.

Mediation is a mechanism by which a neutral person assists disputing parties to understand their differences, the nature, strengths and potential weaknesses of their positions and then to utilize that understanding to come to a resolution which is acceptable to them. The mediation process does not allow the mediator to impose a decision upon the parties. Rather, the mediator assists the parties to reach their own resolution.

When issues arise concerning probate or trust administration, elder care, guardian and conservator duties, real estate interests and contractual relationships, the mediation process can lead the parties to resolution with less brain damage in less time and with less financial burden.

The advantages of mediating over litigating include.

  • Expense: mediation is significantly less expensive that litigation
  • Efficiency: mediation sessions can be scheduled quickly & at the parties’ convenience
  • Privacy: the process is private and out of the public eye.
  • Confidentiality: except for resolution, what happens in medication stays in mediation
  • Optimistic: mediation invites cooperation and is less likely to drive participants apart.

These advantages are particularly important when family members have conflicting views and disputes arise about care for a senior or about a inheritance and succession.

Thus the mediation process can help family members become cooperative instead adversarial when dealing with issues involving probate administration, trust administration, and guardian/conservator duties and performance.

If you are searching for mediation services the Denver area John Licht can help. John is an experienced attorney and mediator who has dealt with issues involving:

  • Probate Estate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Guardian and Conservator Responsibilities and Performance
  • Real Estate Titles and Boundaries
  • Contractual Relationships

Working with an experienced Denver, Colorado mediator is essential to success. You need someone who understands the benefits of mediation and who is familiar with the law governing your circumstances. John Licht qualifies. He can help.