Conservatorship Disputes

A conservator manages the financial, business, and property affairs of a person with compromised financial management capacity under the authority of the probate court in accordance with the provisions of the order of appointment.

A conservator is in a fiduciary relationship with the protected person and, in general, while acting in accordance with the order of appointment, a conservator is to use reasonable judgment to act in the long term best interest of the person while allowing the person the maximum reasonable level of autonomy and independence.

Disputes can arise between the protected person and the conservator. Such disputes often involve strong emotions and can lead to long term animosity and multiple disputes.

The mediation process, being less adversarial than litigation, can ease the emotional stress and result in better understanding of the duties of the conservator and the rights of the protected person which can lead to peaceful resolution privately, efficiently and inexpensively.

John Licht has been dealing with Denver and Colorado conservatorships for more than twenty years. He knows the law and he understands the often conflicting desires of protected persons and conservators’ perceptions of their fiduciary duties. He can help.