Probate Disputes

In Colorado the probate process begins when the probate court appoints a personal representative to administer the estate of a decedent, that is the assets and liabilities the decedent leaves behind.

In general a personal representative is to manage the estate for the benefit of the decedent’s beneficiaries or devisees named in the decedent’s will, or in the absence of a will, for the benefit of the decedent’s heirs as defined in Colorado’s statutes.

Often the personal representative is a member of the decedent’s family. Generally beneficiaries or devisees are family members too, and heirs always are.

When disputes arise about the validity of a will or the actions of the personal representative, family emotions often run high. The destructive impact of these emotions can be reduced or avoided in the mediation process.

The mediation process, being less adversarial than litigation, can ease the emotional stress and result in better understanding of the duties and rights of the people involved which can lead to peaceful resolution privately, efficiently and inexpensively.

John Licht has been dealing with Denver and Colorado probate proceedings for more than twenty years. He knows the law and he understands the emotional dynamics of family disputes. He can help.